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How to move office within 2 weeks!

Well, our company decided to move out from 15,000 sqft office to a 3,000 sqft space. We have so many stuffs, and to make matter worst, each staff is only allocated a single box for personal items. Imagine this, 10 years’ worth of personal items over to the new office on a single box! While we were cracking our brains on how to squeeze every item into our allocated box, we decided to explore those rent-a-space storages.

Our challenge? To move-out within 2 weeks! Quick search on Google bought up a few options and enquires were send. With the arrangement of New office setup / Movers etc, we could only squeeze out time days before our move to view the storages. After visiting all the storage providers, one company stood out -, not only they are reasonably priced, their facility was considered the most professional.

With Spaceship, we were able to stick to our moving and storing plans at the shortest time with great customer service as well! They were so accommodating to our tight schedule.

Another question raised, what if I need my stuffs after putting into the storage? Of course, it does help that they have a storage facility within the same office building that we are renting. We just simply arrange with for pickup @ the storage facility at no extra cost.

*they do provide pick-up and delivery service at a cost

Thank you for making our moving day a pleasant one!

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