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About IAHGames Hong Kong Limited

We have 20 years experience of managing games communities, published more than 20 games, Reached out to 37 million gamers who acquired through 20 game launches in 5 languages over 5 years.


Game distributions

We know games well so we do all about games. We distributed games since 2009, and now our business reach 7 countries across asia, over 30 payment channels issued to top up games at anytime any country. It brough us more than 50 million gross revenue in 2018 through distibuting over 10 different game titles. In 2019, we will pipeline with over 100  PS4, XBox One, Nintendo and PC titles, and got exclusive distribution with some major publishers. 

2019 Secured Game Titles:



All game titles will direct pre-orders to IAHGames Ecommerce portal to enhance customer loyalty. In 2018, we started our Taobao shop and Weidian Shop which is the best channel to target regional customers especially China and in 2019, we are going to direct all traffics for the pre-order of 100+ titles to our self-owned onlineshop, leverage with the promotion of new games that drives traffic to our stores.

Our store will be the "One stop shop" for all game and recurring spending. The best mechanism to offer sales loyalty program and seasonal special offers. We will also use different payment methods like Unity CMP coin and iCash etc. to tackle non-bank players in Asia.


We have been running Esports events for publishers since 2009. Several successful events says T2 NBA Tournament, FIFA Online Asia Tour, Starcraft II and Warcraft Asia tour, Counter Strike Asia Tour held in Singapore and Hong Kong. In 2019,  We will mainly target E-Sports oriented Games – Project Cars, Call of Duty, Tennis world Tour, Hatsune Miku, WRC 8 etc. We will explore the unique positioning in the Esport Eco-system to take our role in both professional and casual Esport, to build up the long standing relationship with games publishers.

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