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We have been running Esports events for publishers since 2009. Several successful events says T2 NBA Tournament, FIFA Online Asia Tour, Starcraft II and Warcraft Asia tour, Counter Strike Asia Tour held in Singapore and Hong Kong. We maintain game communities for Activision, Blizzar,  Epicgame and various studio in the very early stage, so we proud to say we are expert in maintaining game community through Esports.


Our game title portfolio is strongly related to EsportsIn. In 2019,  we will keep our focus on E-Sports oriented Games – Project Cars, Call of Duty, Tennis world Tour, Hatsune Miku, WRC 8 etc. We will explore the unique positioning in the Esport Eco-system to take our role in both professional and casual Esport, to build up the long standing relationship with games publishers.​

IAHGames unique positioning in the Esport Eco-system

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